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Water Quality

Our Commitment to Water Quality

SaskWater employs provincially certified operators who monitor and maintain the quality of water from the initial source to final point of delivery in order to:

  • Assess and ensure the safety of water for our customers
  • Assess the need for any process adjustments
  • Determine quality trends and identify potential concerns

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is the regulator in Saskatchewan, ensuring drinking water is safe and water supply sources are protected. The WSA determines legally enforceable requirements, or standards, for drinking water quality in the province. For the most part, these standards are mandatory health parameters for systems that supply water for human consumptive use.

The WSA also sets non-mandatory water quality aesthetic objectives for potable water systems, which address considerations such as taste, odour and colour of treated water and determine parameters for certain substances that may affect these qualities.

SaskWater undertakes water quality testing as required by The Waterworks and Sewage Works Regulations (2015) and by operating permits for our owned and operated water treatment plants and distribution systems. SaskWater also monitors several parameters to comply with WSA aesthetic objectives, ensuring we continue to produce a superior quality of water that customers find appealing and refreshing. SaskWater publishes the results annually in its water quality report, found here 2022 Water Quality Report.

More information on water quality, standards and aesthetic objectives can be found here:

Health Canada – Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines
Government of Saskatchewan – Water and Wastewater Management
Customer Water Quality Data

SaskWater’s highly trained and dedicated operators, technicians, technologists and professional engineers keep abreast of technological changes, water quality innovation, and any upgrading needs of our waterworks systems to meet ever-changing water quality standards and monitoring requirements. That’s why we’re happy to handle the paperwork for our customers.

SaskWater also monitors most of our facilities and customer facilities remotely, which means we have up-to-date data so you can have peace of mind. Remote monitoring equipment is installed in 64 locations owned or operated by SaskWater, allowing continuous facility surveillance. We monitor key water quality parameters, equipment operation, water levels, pressures and flows—data which we compile into comprehensive records for our customers.

Annual Notification to Consumers – SaskWater owned or operated systems:

As per the Water Security Agency, in accordance with The Waterworks and Sewage Works Regulations (2015), the 2022 Water Quality and Sample Submission Compliance Records are available below.