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Water Conservation

Conserving and preserving our water sources is a responsibility we take seriously.

As Saskatchewan’s commercial Crown water utility, SaskWater encourages water conservation practices that help protect the quality of water in our rivers, lakes and underground sources. Together we can lessen the harmful effects of wasteful use and pollution.

As we provide vital water supply and wastewater services to our customers, we ensure the environment is protected through careful compliance with national and provincial regulations, standards and guidelines. We strive to develop efficiencies that conserve precious natural resources and take every opportunity to promote the value of water in our society and the need to preserve it.

Protecting our natural environment is fundamentally important to SaskWater.

Conservation Initiatives

We understand water is a precious resource, which is why SaskWater is always taking steps to minimize water loss on our water supply systems. To achieve this, we closely monitor our system water loss rates and provide 24-hour remote monitoring services for all our facilities, which means we can quickly identify and address leaks. Also, because aging systems can experience higher water loss, we use a targeted asset renewal and replacement program to ensure our water supply systems get the updates and upgrades they require to run efficiently.

In addition to addressing water loss, we make continuous improvements to the way we operate. By optimizing treatment processes on our systems we can often reduce the percentage of wastewater production at our facilities.

While we’re happy to do our part for conservation, we know we can’t do enough on own. That’s why SaskWater works to promote the value of water and supply water conservation information within our customer communities and to the general public. Members of our executive and employee representatives participate in think tank discussions regarding water security and conservation solutions in the province. We facilitate school tours of our water treatment plants to educate students about the complexities of water conservation. We also have a variety of water conservation materials for use in any classroom or community organization available by request from communications@saskwater.com.

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