Suppliers & Partners

Supplier Information

Suppliers are critical to the success of any SaskWater project and we strive to make procurement a seamless process.

SaskWater is committed to a best value procurement approach within the parameters of relevant trade agreements. Wherever possible, SaskWater evaluates procurement options to maximize the use of local resources, recognizing that—other factors being equal—experience, knowledge and familiarity with a region bring added value to a project. This creates opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in and around Saskatchewan to bid on SaskWater contracts and ensures the best value for SaskWater and its customers through a fair, open and transparent bidding process. This process is outlined in our Goods & Services Procurement Policy.

SaskWater considers the following trade agreements in all dealing with suppliers. For more information specific to these agreements, please visit their official sites:

SaskWater also recognizes the importance of engaging Indigenous vendors and is represented on a Crown collaboration committee examining Indigenous procurement in the province.

Supplier Opportunities

If you are looking for procurement opportunities with SaskWater, please find our listings on the SaskTenders website at:


To quickly locate SaskWater opportunities on the SaskTenders site, filter your search by ‘Organization Type’ and select ‘Saskatchewan Water Corporation’ from the drop-down menu.

Set ‘Competition Status’ to ‘Open’ for current listings.