• SaskWater currently has no Precautionary Drinking Water Advisories on its systems.
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  • Non-Potable Water Supply

    In 2018-19, SaskWater delivered 39.9 billion litres of
    non-potable water.

    SaskWater's non-potable water supply business refers to the delivery of water that is considered not suitable for human consumption in accordance with applicable regulations.

    The majority of SaskWater's non-potable water supply is delivered in large volumes to industrial customers for processing and manufacturing operations, including potash mines and fertilizer manufacturers.

    Municipal customers also purchase non-potable water from SaskWater. These customers own water treatment facilities and perform their own treatment processes prior to residential delivery.

    SaskWater currently owns and operates non-potable water systems in the areas surrounding Saskatoon, Buffalo Pound Lake, and along the Saskatoon Southeast Water Supply System.


    Non-Potable Water Supply System Maps

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    Saskatoon Area:
    Non-Potable Water Supply System

    Saskatoon Area Non-Potable Water Supply System 

    Saskatoon Southeast:
    Non-Potable Water Supply System

    Saskatoon Southeast Non-Potable Water Supply System 

    Buffalo Pound Area:
    Non-Potable Water Supply System

    Buffalo Pound Area Non-Potable Water Supply System