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    New West Partnership

    The New West Partnership is a new and far-reaching economic partnership between the Governments of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The three provinces commit to ongoing collaboration on innovative ways to strengthen the economy of the West.

    Through the New West Partnership, the three provinces will foster strong, vibrant and lasting prosperity for the region and our people. Innovative and competitive businesses will be even more attracted to the region.

    The New West Partnership focuses on four areas key to economic growth in the West:

    • trade
    • international cooperation
    • innovation
    • procurement

    To get more details regarding the New West Partnership, please visit the following website:

    Further to Article 14.3 of the New West Partnership, SaskWater is posting tender notices for all covered procurement through the SaskTenders website.


    If you're looking for procurement opportunities with SaskWater, please visit the SaskTenders website at:

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