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  • Village of Edenwold Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory January 14, 2021
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  • Rural Pipeline Groups

    SaskWater provides potable water to some of the largest rural pipeline associations in Saskatchewan and understands the needs of rural pipeline associations. SaskWater employs 17 experienced in-house engineers and 65 operators with various levels of certification to assist rural pipeline associations in providing potable water to their customers.

    SaskWater works with rural pipeline associations to:

    • Provide connections to our regional potable water systems

    • Provide certified operation and maintenance on the rural pipeline to ensure appropriate certification of the operator


    Installing a pipeline.

    For more information on Rural Pipeline Associations, visit the website for Saskatchewan Association of Rural Water Pipelines, Inc.

    The Caron/Mortlach Regional Public Utility Board is just completing construction and commissioning of a 6.4 million dollar water supply system to serve the Mortlach - Caronport region west of Moose Jaw. The Board has contracted with SaskWater to provide operation and maintenance for the system. Completing our project during the recent overheated construction environment has created many challenges and we have greatly appreciated the guidance and assistance provided by SaskWater's Jeff Mander, Vice-President of Operations and Engineering, and his staff. We are particularly grateful for the excellent, very competent and professional service provided by Darin Orb, Manager, District Operations, and Nolan Matts, Supervisor, Regional Systems, who are principally responsible for our system. - Wayne Phillips, Caron/Mortlach Regional Public Utility Board