• SaskWater currently has no Precautionary Drinking Water Advisories on its systems.
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  • Water Quality

    As the regulator for water quality, the Water Security Agency (WSA) determines standards which are legally enforceable requirements for drinking water quality as per The Water Works and Sewage Works Regulations (2015). In general, standards are mandatory health parameters for systems that supply water for human consumptive use. The WSA also determines water quality aesthetic objectives which apply to certain characteristics of or substances found in water for human consumptive or hygienic use.  

    SaskWater undertakes water quality testing as required by The Water Works and Sewage Works Regulations (2015) and by operating permits for our owned and operated water treatment plants and distribution systems. SaskWater publishes the results annually in its water quality report. More information can be found in the 2019 Water Quality Report.

    SaskWater monitors water quality in order to:

    • Assess and ensure the safety of water for our customers
    • Assess the need for any process adjustments
    • Determine quality trends and identify potential concerns

    More information on water quality, standards and aesthetic objectives can be found here:

    Health Canada -- Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines

    SaskH2O -- My Drinking Water