• COVID-19 Update
  • SaskWater currently has no Precautionary Drinking Water Advisories on its systems.
  • Payment Options

    Electronic Payment

    SaskWater accepts payments electronically through:

    Bank of Montreal

    Bank of Nova Scotia

    Credit Union


    TD Canada Trust

    Royal Bank of Canada

    At your online banking site, you can register your SaskWater five digit Electronic Payment Account number found at the bottom of your invoice. Once this number is registered, you can make payments online, by phone or in person at your financial institution or ATM.

    If you have questions about how to set up electronic payment, either contact your financial institution or a SaskWater Customer Service Representative at 1-888-230-1111, press 2.


    By Cheque

    SaskWater accepts payments by cheque. Cheque payments can be made out to SaskWater and mailed to:

    200-111 Fairford Street East
    Moose Jaw, SK   S6H 1C8

    Please detach the invoice stub and return it with your payment in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.


    Late Payment  

    In order to avoid Late Payment Charges, payment must be received by SaskWater on or before the deadline noted on your invoice stub. After that date, Late Payment Charges will be assessed on any outstanding balances at a rate of 18.0% per annum, compounded monthly, for an effective annual interest rate of 19.56%.

    Deferred Payment for Water Leakage

    The Deferred Payment for Water Leakage Policy is available to customers who experience large unexpected leaks on their water systems. Customers are responsible for maintaining their own water systems and infrastructure, however, SaskWater does recognize that circumstances outside of our customers' control may occur, resulting in a water leak. SaskWater does not credit customers for excess usage caused by leaks, but does provide payment options to customers meeting eligibility requirements to assist with large invoices. To find out if you qualify or how deferred payment works, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives toll free at

    Deferred Payment for Water Leakage Policy

    Invoicing and Payment

    The Invoicing and Payment Policy addresses invoicing frequency, responsibility to pay, late payment charges and account collections. This policy outlines the expectations for both SaskWater and its customers.

    Invoicing and Payment Policy