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  • Sponsorships

    Sponsorships are where SaskWater and its partners collaborate in pursuit of shared goals, resulting in mutual benefit. A sponsorship consists of a cash or in-kind contribution, given in exchange for an equivalent degree of benefit or recognition.

    Requests for sponsorship of cash or in-kind contributions must be received at least two months prior to the event. SaskWater will respond to approved applicants within two weeks to advise of the status of their application and whether more information is required.


    To be eligible to receive sponsorship of cash or in-kind contributions, the following criteria must be met:

    • The sponsorship of cash or in-kind contributions should directly benefit a Saskatchewan community or communities.
    • All cash funds must be used in Saskatchewan and used within 18 months of the date of receipt, or returned to SaskWater if not used. 

    SaskWater will not provide support to, nor respond to, applications for the following ineligible events, activities or programs:

    • Political parties or activities, candidates, organizations or lobby groups;
    • Religious organizations or events;
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, or lifestyle;
    • Individuals pursuits;
    • Third party funding organizations (such as professional telephone solicitors or private charitable foundations);
    • The purchase of advertising space in event programs;
    • Funding for publications or video productions;
    • Sports teams or music groups - with the exception of modest assistance for a local fundraising event (ie. raffle item); or
    • For-profit organizations.


    SaskWater will seek recognition, where appropriate, for its sponsorships. This could include such things as:

    • Signage;
    • Logo placement in brochures or advertisements before/after the event;
    • Tickets;
    • A corporate table;
    • Keynote or other speaking opportunities for SaskWater officials;
    • Conference registrations for SaskWater employees;
    • Delegate materials;
    • Tradeshow exhibit; or 
    • Tent display.

    Before applying, organizations are to consider the eligibility criteria and evaluate their eligibility. In your proposal, please include the following information:

    1. The name, address and phone number of the organization, plus a contact name and phone number/email address
    2. Information about the organization including:
      • the official name of the organization
      • the organization's mission/purpose statement
    3. A description of the event or activity for which sponsorship of cash or in-kind contributions are requested, and the expected number of people who will attend or benefit from it, including:
      • the start and completion dates
      • brief budget overview
      • the cash amount or in-kind contribution sought

    Applications for cash or in-kind contributions may be made by email to: communications@saskwater.com.

    Those without access to email may apply in writing, either by fax to (306) 694-3207 or by mail to:

    SaskWater - Head Office
    200-111 Fairford Street East
    Moose Jaw SK S6H 1C8