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The SaskWater Advantage

Water is key to keeping Saskatchewan’s substantial rural population growing and thriving. In Saskatchewan’s vast rural areas, access to a reliable water source can be a challenge. At SaskWater, we’ve been delivering water services and infrastructure solutions for over 50 years. Our expertise in water services helps rural pipeline groups navigate the complexities of aging infrastructure, and evolving water regulations. We can also assist when challenges arise due to remote facility sites, staffing shortages and asset management.

SaskWater provides professional water and wastewater services to approximately 78 rural pipeline groups.

Serving Rural Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s rural residents have diverse needs when it comes to accessing water services.  Whether it’s potable water for a residence or small business or non-potable supply for agricultural or commercial use, a rural pipeline group is often the answer.

Rural pipeline groups, cooperative groups sometimes referred to as rural water associations or utility boards, can represent multiple landowners who pool their resources to purchase necessary infrastructure such as pipelines, pump houses and booster stations required to distribute water to their members.

SaskWater’s vast infrastructure network enables us to supply water to several rural pipeline groups, including some of the largest in the province.

We provide our rural pipeline customers with connections to our regional potable and non-potable water systems as well as access to certified operation and maintenance, remote monitoring and project management services to facilitate customer upgrades or new construction from the design stage through to completion.

We understand the operational challenges faced by rural pipeline groups and we have an extensive team of in-house operators and engineers to find solutions that work for you.

SaskWater Expertise

Our team has the experience and knowledge to develop and deliver water service for rural pipeline groups and provide infrastructure solutions to access our water supply. We can help by:

  • Identifying water infrastructure needs and innovative solutions
  • Developing a conceptual design report with high-level capital costs for water supply infrastructure
  • Partnering with administrators to access funding options
  • Providing project management for upgrades and new construction
  • Securing appropriate project approvals
  • Operating, monitoring and maintaining water infrastructure within current standards and regulations