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Potable Water

SaskWater delivers safe and reliable drinking water to municipalities, First Nations, rural pipeline groups and businesses, ensuring communities continue to grow and thrive. In rural areas of the province, our partnerships with rural pipeline groups benefit residents with acreage properties, farming or livestock operations and small commercial businesses that need a dependable water supply. We are an experienced full service provider, delivering high-quality drinking water to our rural partners across Saskatchewan.

How SaskWater Delivers 

The majority of rural pipeline groups we supply own and operate water distribution systems and manage their own relationships with their members. Most of these rural pipeline groups rely on us to provide them with high-quality potable water, which is either treated at one of our water treatment plants or delivered from a third-party supplier through our pipeline network. These groups can count on receiving drinking water that meets or exceeds provincial water quality standards and regulations, without the need to operate and maintain costly water treatment infrastructure.

In the past year, we delivered approximately 8.1 billion litres of safe, reliable drinking water to customers across Saskatchewan.

Pooling Regional Resources

Many of our rural customers benefit from the cost-effective, sustainable solutions available through regional water supply systems. These systems produce potable water at a single SaskWater treatment plant and distribute it to surrounding communities and rural pipeline groups through our extensive pipeline network.

SaskWater owns and operates the Wakaw, Melfort, Elbow, Melville, Gravelbourg, and Meadow Lake water treatment plants, which provide water supply services to their own municipality as well as customers in the surrounding areas. In total, twenty-one communities and several rural pipeline groups are served directly by these regional systems. Many of our rural pipeline group customers count additional municipalities among their customers.

SaskWater also owns and operates regional purchase and transmission supply systems where potable water is purchased from bulk suppliers and delivered to our customers.

To supply these systems, we purchase water from the City of Saskatoon and the Buffalo Pound Water Administration Board, the City of Regina and the City of Moose Jaw.

In total nearly 80 rural pipeline groups are served by SaskWater’s regional systems. By extension, they deliver our high-quality potable water to residents in a wide area spanning much of central Saskatchewan.

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Potable Water
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