Rural Pipeline Groups

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Certified Operation & Maintenance

We support our customers in a variety of ways, including lending our expertise to customers who own their water supply and treatment infrastructure.

The rural pipeline groups we supply are responsible for water distribution to their individual members and often own infrastructure such as pipelines, pump houses and booster stations or even water treatment facilities.

Our Certified Operation and Maintenance (COM) service can support our rural customers with the expertise they need to maintain their water infrastructure. The knowledgeable SaskWater team can troubleshoot issues and diagnose problems in their early stages, while trained relief operators are available to cover leaves and vacancies at customer facilities.

We also provide regulatory reporting and consultation, emergency planning, remote monitoring and customer support services.

We provide ongoing Certified Operation and Maintenance to
20 communities and rural pipeline groups.

Community Partners

We contract with communities and rural pipeline groups to provide COM of their water and wastewater systems, including water supply works, water treatment plants, storage facilities, distribution systems, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

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Certified Operation & Maintenance
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