What We Provide

Regional Water Supply Systems

SaskWater’s regional water supply systems provide potable water to 23 communities and several rural pipeline groups in Saskatchewan.

Regional Water Supply Systems

Many communities in Saskatchewan are looking for water solutions to replace or augment their aging infrastructure. SaskWater’s existing and well-maintained infrastructure allows for efficient and cost-effective regional solutions for municipalities and First Nations. We can also provide the support and expertise to evaluate new regional solutions that reduce the long-term capital needs and operating costs for all communities involved.

Regionalization comes with significant benefits to the community. In addition to improved water quality, monitoring and management, regional solutions offer significant financial benefits. Your community will be able to take advantage of economies of scale, apply for grants and government funding, and attract certified, professional operators.

The SaskWater team has the experience to help you navigate the selection and construction process. During the initial project stages, we’re able to educate communities, define project scope and estimate costs, help prepare and submit grant applications, and invest capital to cover additional costs. As the project continues, we can undertake engineering studies, manage design and construction, and handle the operation and maintenance of the system.


Supporting healthy communities with water services and infrastructure solutions.

Municipal Solutions
Rural Pipeline Groups

Connecting rural pipeline associations with safe and reliable potable water systems.

Rural Solutions