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Story July 04, 2022

SaskWater’s Growth Agenda Aligned with Province’s in 2021-22

As SaskWater embraced a new Corporate Strategic Plan in 2021-22, its priorities and goals were in step with the Saskatchewan Growth Plan outlined by the provincial government.

With an emphasis on growth, SaskWater’s six-year plan identified new strategic priority areas that helped the Crown corporation achieve a total comprehensive income of $8.0 million while recording record-high customer satisfaction ratings. The corporation’s success in 2021-22 means SaskWater will contribute dividends to the province of $6.49 million.

“SaskWater continues to provide dependable service to its customers, while keeping rates affordable,” Minister Responsible for SaskWater Don Morgan said. “2021-22 saw SaskWater advance important infrastructure initiatives that support growth that works for all Saskatchewan residents.”

SaskWater initiated important work in 2021-22 to support major industrial projects announced in the Regina area. Preliminary planning is underway to expand SaskWater’s nearby infrastructure into a regional non-potable water supply system. This project promises to grow and diversify SaskWater’s industrial customer base and provide a reliable water supply for further industrial development in the area.

Other highlights of the year for SaskWater include the completed expansion of its water treatment plant in Melfort, which serves the surrounding area, and pipeline upgrades to its potable water supply system serving customers east of Saskatoon. Both projects will provide longevity and sustainability of water services in these areas.

Construction began on the Prairie North Regional Potable Water Supply System, which will serve the communities of Marshall and Lashburn. This project fits into SaskWater’s strategy to grow its business through regionalization to provide affordable water supply services and growth opportunities to more Saskatchewan communities. SaskWater pursued additional research and worked in collaboration with other Crowns and government agencies to identify additional areas where future regional infrastructure projects may benefit multiple communities.

SaskWater has also embraced ongoing Crown collaboration initiatives and introduced new business technologies during the past year to find efficiencies, increase productivity and achieve cost savings.

SaskWater currently owns nine water treatment plants, three wastewater facilities, 137 kilometres of canal and 941 kilometres of pipeline.

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