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Story July 10, 2024

SaskWater infrastructure projects in 2023-24 bolster economic growth and development in Saskatchewan

SaskWater finished the 2023-24 fiscal year with solid financial results, including $8.7 million in net income, up from $8.6 million the previous year.

Of the Crown corporation's $87.0 million investment in capital projects, the most significant initiative was the Regina Regional Non-potable Water Supply system. SaskWater and its local contractor completed installation of 65 kilometres of pipeline between Regina and Belle Plaine in 2023, joining the new transmission system to existing water supply infrastructure. 

"Our government is committed to growing Saskatchewan’s economy, and SaskWater has furthered this goal by significantly expanding the type of infrastructure that fuels investment," Minister Responsible for SaskWater Dustin Duncan said. "Supporting industry will help us grow our population, create more jobs and establish a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people."

The pipeline is well-positioned to serve several value-added agriculture projects announced for the Regina area. The system's phased construction design allows additional capacity to be added as customer demand grows, helping SaskWater provide timely and competitive services. 

SaskWater also contributed to the province's goal to expand irrigation in Saskatchewan. SaskWater collaborated with the Water Security Agency to expand irrigation service along its Saskatoon Southeast Water Supply system. The canal system currently serves three potash mines and provides irrigation to 20,000 acres of land. In 2023-24, SaskWater expanded its irrigated acres by 3,000 and gained approval to grow that number to 7,700, with a total of 15,000 acres identified for irrigation expansion by 2026-27. SaskWater also looks forward to providing service to SaskPower's new Aspen Gas-fired power plant, set to come online in 2027. 

In partnership with a start-up Saskatchewan tech company, SaskWater implemented a new service offering for communities that require occasional or temporary assistance with troubleshooting or staffing of their water and wastewater facilities. Through this partnership, SaskWater is well positioned to help smaller communities that could benefit from its experience and expertise.

"We look forward to building relationships and trust with municipalities across Saskatchewan," SaskWater President and CEO Doug Matthies said. "In doing so, we hope that these new partners will look to SaskWater should they need broader solutions down the road, particularly in terms of potential regional benefits."

SaskWater recorded its highest ever customer satisfaction rating in 2023-24, with a score of 8.5 out of ten. A total of 92.5 per cent of customers surveyed reported satisfaction with SaskWater services with several significant customer water supply agreements being renewed and extended over the long-term.

In order to maintain and improve these high standards of service delivery, SaskWater implemented innovations in technology in the areas of customer sales and service, GIS mapping and safety. An added emphasis on operator training with tools such as drones and remotely operated vehicles also expands the services SaskWater can provide to its customers.

SaskWater owns nine water treatment plants, three wastewater facilities, 136.94 kilometres of canal and 1,055 kilometres of pipeline currently in service.

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