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Story January 18, 2017

SaskWater Announces Two Year Rate Adjustment

Today, SaskWater announced a two year rate adjustment for customers receiving potable and non-potable water. Rate adjustments vary by system and will take effect in May 2017 and May 2018.

Approximately 77 per cent of the 48,000 Saskatchewan residents affected by this adjustment are in the Saskatoon area. SaskWater buys potable water directly from the City of Saskatoon to serve these customers. Last month the City approved a 9.5 per cent increase for 2017 and a 9.25 per cent increase for 2018. SaskWater customers around Saskatoon will receive the same increases.

SaskWater also buys potable water directly from the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant to supply customers in that area. The rate charged to SaskWater is increasing by seven per cent and SaskWater customers in the Buffalo Pound area will receive the same increase.

All other affected customers will see increases ranging from two per cent to 4.5 per cent in order to keep pace with rising operating costs and infrastructure management.

“SaskWater is dedicated to ensuring its customers receive safe, reliable and sustainable water services,” SaskWater President Doug Matthies said. “The corporation works hard to manage its costs as good water quality is fundamental.”

SaskWater supplies service to its municipal customers who then distribute the water to their residents. While individual communities will determine how they pass on the cost, SaskWater estimates the average impact to individual households receiving potable water will be an increase of $7.32 per month in 2017 and $7.53 per month in 2018.

Written notification will be sent to each customer advising them of their specific adjustment.


SaskWater municipal customers affected by the 2017-2018 two year rate adjustment include:

CommunityLine of BusinessService AreaRate Increase 2017Rate Increase 2018
Town of AberdeenPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Town of AllanPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
RM of BlucherPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Village of BradwellPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Village of ClavetPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
RM of Corman ParkPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Town of DalmenyPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Village of ElstowPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Town of HaguePotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Village of HepburnPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
City of MartensvillePotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Town of OslerPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
City of WarmanPotableSaskatoon9.5%9.25%
Village of BethunePotableBuffalo Pound7%7%
Village of DisleyPotableBuffalo Pound7%7%
Village of MarquisPotableBuffalo Pound7%7%
Village of TuxfordPotableBuffalo Pound7%7%
Town of GravelbourgPotableGravelbourg4.5%4.5%
Town of CuparPotableCupar4.5%4.5%
Town of White CityPotableQu’Appelle4%4%
Village of VanscoyNon-potableSaskatoon2%2%
RM of VanscoyNon-potableSaskatoon2%2%
RM of DundurnNon-potableSSEWS2%2%
Hamlet of GuernseyNon-potableSSEWS2%2%
RM of ColonsayNon-potableSSEWS2%2%
Town of LaniganNon-potableSSEWS2%2%
Resort Village of ShieldsNon-potableSSEWS2%2%
RM of RosedaleNon-potableSSEWS2%2%
Village of ViscountNon-potableSSEWS2%2%
Village of RiverhurstNon-potableElbow2%2%

For more information, please contact:

Courtney Mihalicz
Manager, Corporate Communications