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Certified Operation & Maintenance

We support our customers in a variety of ways, including assisting customers who own their water supply and treatment infrastructure. Our Certified Operation and Maintenance (COM) service offers SaskWater customers the expertise they need to optimize their water and wastewater infrastructure.

SaskWater’s operations team holds diverse levels of certification for water and wastewater systems and can help troubleshoot issues and diagnose problems in their early stages. In addition to contracted services, SaskWater provides extra peace of mind for our municipal COM customers by providing trained relief operators to cover leaves and vacancies, ensuring daily coverage at all times.

We also provide regulatory reporting and consultation, emergency planning, remote monitoring and customer support services.

We provide Certified Operation and Maintenance to 17 communities and rural pipeline groups.

Community Partners

We contract with 17 communities and rural pipeline groups to provide COM for their water and wastewater systems, including water supply works, water treatment plants, storage facilities, distribution systems, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

Our COM service was able to help the Rural Municipality of Sherwood when midway through the planning phase for their new water treatment plant and distribution system, the RM found itself without an operator for its water supply system. The RM approached SaskWater for potential solutions, and together we established an interim plan to provide operation and maintenance support.

As the project progressed, our operations staff became a trusted resource, reviewing the plant designs and suggesting changes to improve efficiency and efficacy. SaskWater provided technical advice as the project advanced, and served as a liaison between the RM and the project regulators and contractors.

With the new infrastructure nearly complete, SaskWater developed a more permanent COM agreement with the RM of Sherwood, undertaking the full commissioning and start-up of the water treatment plant. We now oversee operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant, including services such as staffing, water distribution and maintenance of the distribution system. We also provide 24-hour monitoring through our ROAM service and 24-hour emergency response when a problem is detected. SaskWater continues to play an advisory role for the RM as it creates growth plans and considers new developments that could cause regulatory issues or impact its infrastructure needs. This type of forward thinking is also applied to the capital improvement, quality assurance and emergency response planning work SaskWater oversees for the RM’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

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Certified Operation & Maintenance
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