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To help you understand your SaskWater invoice, please refer to the sample below.

Sample Invoice

SaskWater provides a number of different services to its customers, and some customers may have more than one customer agreement with the company. Our billing system combines all agreement information in to one easy-to-read invoice.

Common terminology found on your SaskWater invoice includes:

  • Cubic Metres (m3) – Denotes cubic metres. One cubic metre is equal to 219.969 imperial gallons.
  • Usage – The amount of water consumed. Reported in cubic metres.
  • Minimum requirement – The minimum number of cubic metres for which you will be charged in each billing period, as specified in your water supply agreement.
  • Actual – The actual amount in cubic metres consumed during the current billing period, as measured by a meter reading.
  • Billable – The number of cubic metres you are being charged for in the current billing period. If your customer agreement does not include a minimum requirement, then the billable cubic metres will equal the actual number of cubic metres indicated on your invoice. If your customer agreement does include a minimum requirement, then the billable amount will equal the greater of the minimum requirement or the actual.
  • Year-to-date – Shows the cumulative consumption in m3 for all billing periods in the current year.
Payment Options
Electronic Payment

SaskWater accepts payments electronically through:

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Credit Union
  • CIBC
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Royal Bank of Canada

At your online banking site, you can register your SaskWater five digit Electronic Payment Account number found at the bottom of your invoice. Once this number is registered, you can make payments online, by phone or in person at your financial institution or ATM.

If you have questions about how to set up electronic payment, either contact your financial institution or a SaskWater Customer Service Representative at
1-888-230-1111, press 2.

Deferred Payment for Water Leakage

A deferred payment plan is available to customers who experience large unexpected leaks on their water systems. While customers are responsible for maintaining their own water systems and infrastructure, SaskWater does recognize that circumstances outside of our customers’ control may occur that result in significant water losses. SaskWater offers payment options to customers meeting eligibility requirements to assist with the unusually large invoices following a leak. To find out if you qualify or how deferred payment works, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives toll free at 1-888-230-1111.

By Cheque

SaskWater accepts payments by cheque. Cheque payments can be made out to SaskWater and mailed to:

  • SaskWater
    200-111 Fairford Street East
    Moose Jaw, SK S6H 1C8

Please detach the invoice stub and return it with your payment in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

Late Payment

In order to avoid Late Payment Charges, payment must be received by SaskWater on or before the deadline noted on your invoice stub. After that date, Late Payment Charges will be assessed on any outstanding balances at a rate of 18.0% per annum, compounded monthly, for an effective annual interest rate of 19.56%.

Invoicing & Payment

The Invoicing and Payment Policy addresses invoicing frequency, responsibility to pay, late payment charges and account collections. This policy outlines the expectations for both SaskWater and its customers.

Invoicing and Payment Policy
My SaskWater Rate

SaskWater has a mix of agreements where in some cases rate adjustments are determined by SaskWater (referred to as discretionary customers), and in some cases rates are established based on formulas within water supply agreements (referred to as legacy customers).

  • SaskWater operates a number of different water supply systems around the province that are independent of each other. SaskWater’s rates are based on the costs of service for each different system. 
  • Water rates are based on a Cost of Service (CoS) methodology, which is a widely accepted industry practice. This method examines the full costs of providing utility services to customers and determines a rate based on these full costs. The CoS methodology is recognized by the American Water Works Association, a leader in water practices for North America, and is also used by other Saskatchewan commercial Crown corporations to determine rates.
  • Discretionary Customers: In compliance with existing policy, rate recommendations are considered by the SaskWater Board of Directors, the Minister Responsible for SaskWater, the Crown Investments Corporation Board and Cabinet. SaskWater’s discretionary rates are not subject to the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel because these increases impact only four per cent of the provincial population and communities have the choice to use SaskWater or do it on their own.
  • Legacy Customers: Annual increases are built into water supply agreements and implemented as per the terms of the agreement.
  • SaskWater supplies service to its municipal customers who then distribute the water to their customers/residents through their own infrastructure. Municipalities and rural pipeline groups determine final residential household water rates, not SaskWater.
  • What municipalities and pipeline groups charge their customers is at their discretion. There are costs associated with owning and operating distribution systems that form part of the residential water rate.
  • SaskWater has invested in technology such as remote monitoring and takes steps to continually improve sustainable water treatment practices to reduce operating costs and improve service response.
  • SaskWater has also developed an asset management program that includes a complete inventory of our infrastructure and standardized maintenance schedules. This program will reduce equipment problems, extend infrastructure life and provide overall cost savings.