Custom solutions for industrial needs.

ROAM Remote Monitoring

When developing new industrial water services, SaskWater incorporates remote oversight and monitoring (ROAM) services. Around the clock remote monitoring provides peace of mind that the water supply to your business is always safe and reliable. SaskWater’s extensive knowledge of provincial regulatory requirements combined with our operational expertise supports industry in meeting permit requirements and quality standards.

ROAM provides real-time evidence that water treatment plants, distribution systems or wastewater collection and treatment facilities are operating properly, and provides immediate notice of a problem. This type of oversight allows for prompt incident response, reduces costly down-time and lessens potential for damage and liability caused by undiagnosed equipment failure or unexpected outages. SaskWater’s ROAM services safeguard your investments and ensure water and wastewater infrastructure is keeping up to the needs of your business.

SaskWater’s ROAM remote monitoring currently performs approximately 105,000,000 facility checks per year across 64 monitored locations.

Peace of Mind, All the Time

ROAM provides continuous off-site monitoring of water and wastewater facilities for industrial customers. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology captures operational performance data from water and wastewater facilities in real time and transmits it to SaskWater’s control room in Regina.

The SCADA system monitors operational parameters such as flows, pressure, well levels and pump status. Water quality parameters such as chlorine residuals and filter effluent turbidity can also be monitored. Information is gathered on-site and sent to the central SCADA servers using SaskTel’s digital data network. When investigating potential problems, control centre staff can access and trend historical data as well as continuously pull readings from a location to get an instantaneous update of the situation.

Operating water and wastewater systems in a province the size of Saskatchewan can be challenging. Remote monitoring reduces cost for travel to sites and allows field staff to focus more time on preventative maintenance and facility improvements. When an after-hours incident occurs, operators can respond quickly and limit the potential for costly damage. SCADA helps SaskWater improve its water and wastewater services and provide a higher level of service to our customers.