Custom solutions for industrial needs.

Project Management

We’ve been partnering with industrial customers in Saskatchewan for over 50 years. Whether we’re involved in the preliminary studies, providing engineering and design work, managing the environmental and regulatory approval process, or handling procurement and construction, our team has the experience and expertise to keep your project running smoothly. SaskWater’s project management services rely on proven industry best practices to provide maximum value for our clients. Our diverse team of engineers, operators and technicians can lighten the load on any major water and wastewater project with complete project management services designed to fit your business’s schedule and budget.

SaskWater employs more than 20
in-house engineers and approximately 60 operators to find the best solution for your business.

Experience & Expertise

Our diverse team of project managers, engineers, technologists and operators work together to understand our client’s projects and their respective requirements.  We offer flexible solutions and project management services to meet the unique needs of each project from concept through to construction.

 We can support you in:

  • Business case/economics analysis
  • Cost estimation and project controls
  • Scheduling
  • Project scoping
  • Feasibility or conceptual studies
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)/pre-FEED studies
  • Construction management and support
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Vendor management, procurement and prequalification
  • Environmental/regulatory approvals and permitting
  • Specification and standards development

We have helped customers through planning and design, to construction and financing, through to operation and maintenance of their water infrastructure projects.

Behind The Scenes

Long before a new industrial project can break ground, the questions around water supply must be addressed – where will it come from? What type of treatment will it need? Is there enough? How will I get it to my site? Are there environmental implications? What regulations and permits apply? Are the neighbours on board?

SaskWater has successfully played a role in finding these answers as a part of our project management services. When exploring non-potable water supply system options for potential industrial projects, SaskWater conducts significant preliminary work, including feasibility studies and technical project proposals. This type of specialized information becomes crucial to a developer in deciding whether a project goes forward and preparing them for their next steps. 

The feasibility studies often include comprehensive environmental assessments and stakeholder engagement to set the foundation for a project-specific Environmental Protection Plan.

In identifying a potential pipeline route, SaskWater considers which path would have the least overall social, environmental and heritage impact, while providing the most economic benefits in terms of construction, operation and maintenance costs.

“We want to provide reliable service to the customer, but we are also concerned with building long-term relationships with landowners, and obtaining acceptance and support from those who will be impacted by the project,” explained Chris Robart, Manager, Construction Engineering for SaskWater.

SaskWater’s project management team can be instrumental through the early stages of industrial development, identifying potential stumbling blocks and proposing solutions to the issues that can hinder progress on a project. With these preliminary steps completed, we can ensure the water supply SaskWater provides will adequately serve our customers’ potential business needs.