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Non-potable Water

The majority of SaskWater’s non-potable water supply is delivered in large volumes to industrial customers for processing and manufacturing operations, including potash mines and fertilizer manufacturers. Water delivered through a non-potable water supply system does not meet the regulated requirements for human consumption, but has numerous industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

In the past year, SaskWater delivered approximately 36.8 billion litres of non-potable water.

How SaskWater Delivers

Whatever your industrial water needs, we have the experience and expertise to construct, manage and maintain your non-potable water supply, allowing you to focus on the success of your core business. Service may be accessible through our existing pipeline networks or canals, but we’re always ready to explore new solutions as businesses are established or facilities expand into areas where capacity doesn’t already exist.

SaskWater owns and operates non-potable water systems in the areas surrounding Saskatoon, Buffalo Pound Lake, and along the Saskatoon Southeast Water Supply System, which runs from Lake Diefenbaker, north to Blackstrap Lake and east to Lanigan. These systems serve industrial customers as well as our municipal and rural customers.

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Non-potable Water
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