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Certified Operation & Maintenance

We support our customers in a variety of ways, including assisting those that own their water supply and treatment infrastructure. Our Certified Operation and Maintenance (COM) service offers SaskWater customers the expertise they need to optimize their water and wastewater infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance.

SaskWater’s operations team holds diverse levels of certification for water and wastewater systems and can help troubleshoot issues and diagnose problems in their early stages. SaskWater’s operations team includes a group of relief operators that can be utilized across all of our customer systems to ensure uninterrupted service.

We also provide regulatory reporting and consultation, emergency planning, remote monitoring and customer support services.

We provide Certified Operation and Maintenance to 20 communities and rural pipeline groups.

Industry Partners

Our COM service can provide customers with skilled and certified operators to keep their water and wastewater infrastructure up and running when they are unable to staff a certified operator of their own.

While entrusting their infrastructure to our experienced operations team, industrial customers using SaskWater COM services can expect their water and wastewater requirements will be handled by professional and knowledgeable staff.

We work with our partners to assure the operation of their water and wastewater facilities fits their particular industry needs and regulatory requirements are being met. Through process reviews, preventative maintenance, and measures such as asset management and emergency planning, our COM service can optimize the performance of your systems. If you would like to know more about how our certified operators can help your business, please contact us.

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Certified Operation & Maintenance
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