Individual Users

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Connecting Individual Users

An individual connection to a SaskWater potable water supply system may be an attractive solution for rural residents looking for a safe water source they can count on.

Interested customers can submit a completed application form requesting a new connection to the SaskWater mainline. Once the application is reviewed, a customer service representative will contact the applicant to go over the connection requirements, including on-site storage, and a suitable location for a connection will be identified. If service is to be provided, the customer will be issued a water supply agreement.

Once the agreement is in place, the customer becomes responsible for the construction of the pipeline from their property to the connection point at SaskWater’s pipeline. The customer must also obtain all associated permits and easements required for their pipeline installation. We are happy to answer questions and offer guidance throughout this process.

SaskWater will install a customer-owned valve at the connection point, allowing for control of the water flow into the customer portion of the pipeline. Customers are responsible for any future maintenance and repair of their connecting pipeline. SaskWater will meter the water at the predetermined point of delivery adjacent to the SaskWater pipeline and will invoice the customer monthly for water consumed.

Installation of the necessary connecting facilities typically occurs between May 1st and October 31st and will be scheduled once the Water Supply agreement is signed and payment is received. Additional fees may apply if a connection is required outside of this time frame.

Additional information and cost details are available in the PDF below.

Info Sheet
Connecting to a SaskWater System

Keeping our customers in the know

SaskWater is always looking out for our customers’ interests. That’s why we advise them to prepare for the unexpected and ensure our individual users know how to best equip themselves with adequate water storage.

Supply systems for individual users provide a constant, low pressure supply of water to rural customers located in the service areas. Rural pipelines are not looped, meaning that various sections of the line cannot be isolated to perform service activity. As a result, SaskWater may occasionally require a complete system shutdown to construct, replace, repair, maintain or inspect its water supply facilities.

Depending on the type and duration of the service activity, our customers may experience supply pressure fluctuations and/or a temporary supply interruption. Because rural customers connected to SaskWater systems are required to have local storage and pressure systems, the effects of these potential supply disruptions are less likely to be felt by our customers.

SaskWater will use reasonable efforts to minimize these temporary disruptions and provide advance notice to the customer of any activity that would impact service.