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The SaskWater Advantage

SaskWater’s infrastructure spreads across the province and offers the potential for nearby individuals to access water connections. These customers are typically served through rural pipeline associations connected to SaskWater systems. When property owners in our service areas cannot gain water service through a rural pipeline group or other cooperative option, they may look to us for direct service. Whether it’s potable water to a residence or small business, or water supply for agricultural or commercial use, we will always explore solutions for individual customers who request service.

SaskWater owns and operates the Wakaw, Melfort, Elbow, Melville, Gravelbourg, and Meadow Lake water treatment plants, which provide water supply services to their own municipality as well as municipal, rural pipeline group and individual customers in the surrounding areas.

SaskWater also owns and operates regional purchase and transmission supply systems where potable water is purchased from bulk suppliers and delivered to our customers. To supply these systems, we purchase water from City of Lloydminster, the City of Saskatoon, the City of Regina and the Buffalo Pound Water Administration Board.

In total, SaskWater supplies water to approximately 78 rural pipeline groups that cover significant portions of rural Saskatchewan. Our individual users connect to our systems where rural pipeline group services are unavailable. Directly and indirectly SaskWater’s services reach approximately 117,400 people in Saskatchewan.

If you are looking for information about water well management, testing and quality, please contact the Water Security Agency at 1-306-693-3900 or visit their website.

In the past year, we delivered approximately 8.1 billion litres of safe, reliable drinking water to customers across Saskatchewan.

Working With Individual Customers

Establishing access to water services is a significant undertaking. Wherever possible, we encourage individual consumers to join (or form) a local rural water association, cooperative, or utility board to access water services. This usually results in less cost to a customer than pursuing service for a single property. For more information on connecting to rural pipeline associations in your area, please consult the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Water Pipelines. If no such options exist, we may connect individual customers.

SaskWater Expertise

Our team has the experience and knowledge to provide ongoing support to individual customers accessing SaskWater water supply services. We can help with:

  • Advising on construction and permit requirements of customer-owned connections
  • Electronic metering for accurate invoicing and early detection of possible water loss
  • Remote monitoring of our systems for prompt response to equipment failure or service disruptions.
  • Operating, monitoring and maintaining infrastructure within current standards and regulations.

To learn more about the obligations and costs associated with individual connections, please contact our Customer Service department.

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