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Corporate Profile

SaskWater is Saskatchewan’s commercial Crown water utility, helping communities, First Nations and industry gain access to reliable and professional water and wastewater services.

Supporting economic growth and the people of Saskatchewan has always been at the core of SaskWater’s purpose. As Saskatchewan’s communities and industries grow with the province’s expanding economy, SaskWater works hard to supply its customers with the infrastructure, customer service and water resources they need to prosper.

Good quality drinking water is the foundation for a vibrant community and assures residents’ health and well-being. Communities contracting their water supply services from SaskWater can be assured that their drinking water is safe and healthy for personal use, is reliable in quality and quantity and will meet the community’s needs now and into the future.

SaskWater provides professional water and wastewater services to 75 communities, 10 rural municipalities, 78 rural pipeline groups, 15 industrial and 258 commercial and domestic end-user customers.

In addition, SaskWater remotely monitors 64 SaskWater and customer-owned facilities and provides operator training to 29 Saskatchewan First Nations.

SaskWater’s services directly and indirectly reach approximately 117,400 people in Saskatchewan.

In order to provide these services, SaskWater owns nine water treatment plants, three wastewater facilities, including 18.8 kilometres of wastewater force main, 135.5 kilometres of canal and 1,055 kilometres of potable and non-potable water pipeline. SaskWater also owns or leases 42 booster and pump stations.

SaskWater’s services, directly and indirectly, reach approximately 117,400 people in Saskatchewan.

Our Strategic Direction

At SaskWater we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. That promise is reflected in our vision, mission and values.

Our Vision

To be Saskatchewan’s choice for water services.

Our Mission

To create trusted and sustainable water solutions for a vibrant Saskatchewan.

Our Values

Accountability – We are accountable for our decisions, communication, behaviours and results.

Teamwork – We act as a team that collaborates and supports one another and other provincial organizations to be successful.

Creativity – We foster creative thinking and innovative ideas.

Stewardship – We put health and safety first and respect and support the environment and communities where we live and work.

Recognition – We recognize and acknowledge each other for our contributions and celebrate success.

The history of SaskWater goes back to 1966, when we began operations as the Saskatchewan Water Supply Board. The head office was relocated from Regina to Watrous in 1977, and in 1984, the Saskatchewan Water Corporation was created with its head office in Moose Jaw. All the personnel and property of the former Board were transferred to the new corporation.

In 2002, the provincial government developed a Drinking Water Strategy that drove changes throughout Saskatchewan and SaskWater received a new mandate to operate exclusively as a commercial water utility. The Saskatchewan Water Corporation Act allows SaskWater to construct, acquire, manage or operate water and wastewater infrastructure and any other services in accordance with any agreements that it enters into pursuant to the Act. All provincial water resource management activities such as water licensing and source water protection are the responsibility of the Water Security Agency.

Code of Conduct & Conflicts of Interest

Below is a link to the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy (“Code”) and the Conflict of Interest Policy which set out the standards of conduct expected from every employee of SaskWater and its subsidiaries. All employees are made aware of these policies, and adherence to them is a requirement. These policies are designed to be a guideline for employees in fulfilling their role as employees of SaskWater.

Employees of SaskWater are required to be aware of and comply with all federal and provincial laws and regulations that apply to their positions and to comply with the provisions of the Code and of the Conflict of Interest policy.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Privacy Policy

Below is a link to the SaskWater Privacy Policy, which spells out the commitment of SaskWater and the rights of customers regarding personal information. This policy outlines why SaskWater asks for personal information, how SaskWater keeps personal information confidential and how individuals can acquire their information from SaskWater.

Privacy Policy