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What’s new at SaskWater?
October 22, 2021

SaskWater infrastructure upgrades serving Melfort region

A recent significant upgrade and expansion to the Codette Lake Regional Water Supply System means SaskWater customers in the Melfort area will enjoy a reliable water supply for years to come. The project included the addition of a second clarifier unit, additional filters and a backup power generator at the regional water treatment plant (WTP) […]

July 05, 2021

SaskWater Provides Reliable Service And Delivers On Projects During Pandemic

SaskWater’s 2020-21 Annual Report highlights a number of bright spots for the Crown corporation in a year marked by significant challenges. Despite the complexities of staff working remotely and the adjustments needed to ensure safe working conditions for essential workers, SaskWater customers did not experience service interruptions attributed to the pandemic. “The past year has […]

July 04, 2022

SaskWater’s Growth Agenda Aligned with Province’s in 2021-22

As SaskWater embraced a new Corporate Strategic Plan in 2021-22, its priorities and goals were in step with the Saskatchewan Growth Plan outlined by the provincial government. With an emphasis on growth, SaskWater’s six-year plan identified new strategic priority areas that helped the Crown corporation achieve a total comprehensive income of $8.0 million while recording […]