• SaskWater currently has no Precautionary Drinking Water Advisories on its systems.
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  • Check out our new Conservation Spotlight highlighting remarkable initiatives in SaskWater customer communities!
  • SaskWater Conservation Spotlight

    SaskWater understands the value of water as a resource, but also the need to operate in a socially and environmentally
    responsible manner.
    As a corporation, SaskWater takes steps to ensure our projects are environmentally sound, efficient and sustainable. We also endeavour to support like-minded people who build awareness and advocate for water issues and conservation.
    As we initiate campaigns promoting events like World Water Day, and Earth Day, or facilitate school programs like Engineers Without Borders, we often encounter dedicated groups and individuals who share these values. There are many people within the areas we serve who are making admirable efforts to promote water conservation and other noteworthy environmental causes. We would like to take this opportunity to turn a spotlight on some of the shining examples of conservation that can be found within our customer communities.
    If you are aware of a remarkable conservation initiative happening within a community SaskWater serves, please
    bring it to our attention. Email us at communications@saskwater.com

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